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Story: From Friend to Authority Figure

Kenneth and Deena had known each other for nearly two years.  Kenneth was a telephone repair technician for a local phone company, and Deena was a finance executive at a well known investment firm.  They first met when Kenneth showed up at her front door to install DSL at her home, and there was an immediate attraction.

Kenneth thought Deena was one of the  most attractive, classiest  women that he had ever seen, and Deena was immediately taken in by Kenneth’s warm smile and captivating eyes.

After finishing the work at Deena’ home, Kenneth asked Deena for her phone number, and it wasn’t long before they went out on their first date. They really enjoyed each other’s company, and more dates followed.  The more time they spent together, the more their attraction grew deeper than the  initial physical attraction that first brought them together.

As their relationship deepened over the next few months, some differences arose.  Kenneth was more dominant than the men Deena was used to dating.  Most men always wanted to keep her happy, and always let her have her way, but Kenneth would question her about things, like what he considered her excessive spending habits, especially given her position at the investment firm.

Deena also had a very sassy mouth, which she always considered an asset.  She took pride in always having a comeback for any situation.  While that trait served her well with most, she tended to curb that habit with Kenneth, because he would sometimes give her a smack on the behind, when he thought she was getting too sassy.

They weren’t particularly hard smacks, but they were firm enough to make her think twice about saying something to him that she would not hesitate to say to someone else.  In some ways, Kenneth reminded her of her father; straight forward, and no nonsense.  She had always been quite sassy, even while growing up, but she knew the consequences of stepping out of line with her father, and knew better than to try.   She was a grown woman now,  but sometimes snapped back to feeling like a little girl again, when Kenneth smacked her behind as he saw fit, and she did not know what to make of that feeling.

After a few months of dating, other personality differences began to surface.  For one, Kenneth enjoyed spending a good part of his weekends at home, doing yard work or other things around his house, while Deena preferred to hire someone to do the yard work and any other house maintenance.  She would rather go out and enjoy herself on the weekends after a long week at work.

Eventually, though they really enjoyed each other’s company, their differences became too pronounced for them to continue a dating relationship, and they mutually decided to stop dating, though it was mainly Deena’s decision.  Kenneth still thought Deena was one of the prettiest women he had ever met, and, aside from that,  he also admired her other qualities like honesty and hard work ethic.

At work, she had just been promoted to VP of Finance, and that was not a position that you saw many African-Americans hold, especially women.  Despite Kenneth not really wanting to break up, he respected Deena’s decision, and they decided to still see each other as friends.  Deena really waned to keep Kenneth as a friend, because he was a handy guy to have around long-term.  Deena was starting to meet more professional men through work now, but Kenneth was smart in a different way, and could actually fix things, which was something that a lot of the men she met could not do.

So, for a little over year, Kenneth and Deena would remain close and go out as friends, with Deena flirting just enough to give Kenneth the impression that they could still possibly get back together.   It was during this time, that they decided to celebrate each other’s birthday annually, by taking the other person out to dinner.   And Kenneth, still mindful of Deena’s sassy ways and other tendencies, decided to add  his own tradition of  a giving her a playful birthday spanking, for all that she had gotten away during the year.

It was during this time that the economy started to take a downturn.  In spite of the economy, more people than ever were signing up for high speed internet, so Kenneth’s job was secure, but the banks and financial institutions were being hit hard, and Deena was starting to feel the pressure at work.

Kenneth had consistently been there for her, and she naturally turned to him as a shoulder to lean on, and it was his friendship that helped her get through many of the trials and tribulations she faced at work.  Because things at her job were becoming so unstable, she began to cut back on her spending, and asked Kenneth if he could help her by cutting her grass occasionally on some weekends, so she wouldn’t have to pay someone so often to do it.  He agreed and started to come over alternating weekends to help with her yard maintenance.

Both Kenneth and Deena were avid Scrabble players, and, on one off weekend, Deena decided it would be a fun stress reliever to invite Kenneth over to play Scrabble.  They hadn’t played each other in quite awhile, so they started early and played for most of the day.  Things did not go as she had hoped, though, as he spanked her in Scrabble too. This time, 4 games to 2.

While playing Scrabble, Deena had the idea that, afterwards, they could go and check out a new pizza parlor that opened nearby. Kenneth liked the idea, so, after they finished playing, Deena, being the fashionista that she was, went upstairs to change into another outfit.  She yelled down to Kenneth for him to call the pizza parlor to check if they made kind of deep dish pizza that she liked.

Deena kept an old laptop computer and a portable printer on a stand in the corner of her living room for checking e-mail,  internet searches and other quick tasks, and Kenneth yelled back that it would be probably be easier for him to look at the whole menu on their website.   Deena yelled back that the laptop was messed up and was too slow to use for anything right now, and for him to just call.

This presented a situation that Kenneth could not help but look into. He did not see how it could be that slow, even though it was old. He knew it always took Deena forever to choose an outfit, so he decided he would have to see this for himself.  He went and touched the keypad, and, sure enough, the screen was frozen.  He could tell that she had a ton of web pages open, so he me methodically began closing the pages and gradually freeing up system resources, until the computer slowly began to speed up.

Just as it was speeding up enough for him to look up the pizza parlor website, he came to Deena’s Facebook page.  He started to close it, but noticed a picture of her posing with a guy who had his arms around her.  Kenneth was friends with Deena on Facebook, and knew he had never seen that particular photo before.

He  scrolled, and there were more photos;  a lot more, in fact, and all recent. As he started reading the accompanying entries, he saw that Deena and the guy, Michael, were dating. How could that be?  She had never so much as mentioned having a boyfriend to him.  As he continued to scroll through the entries, he saw that Deena had created this private Facebook group, so that she could share the details of her dates with her girlfriends.

He kept scrolling.  Deena had been dating the guy for over two months now.     They had gone to the movies together, social events, basketball games and they had even spent some romantic evenings together at his place, with her cooking for him.

Cooking for him??  As far as he knew, Deena barely knew how to cook.    At least that is what she always led him to believe. That’s one of the reasons why he always used to take her out so often. She had also always said that she was too tired to do anything after work. He could hardly believe his eyes. It was like reading about a totally different woman.

And what was really beginning to make him angry was that it was obvious by the dates on her Facebook entries, that not only did she not tell him that she had a boyfriend, but that she lied on several occasions about her plans, when she was actually going out with her boyfriend.  He could hardly believe it.  It made him wonder what else she had been lying about all this time.

He printed out the Facebook entries, folded them up, and put them into his pocket. It was hard for him to concentrate on going out, pizza, or anything else right now.  All he wanted to do was to get the evening over with,  go home, and process what he had read.

After returning home from the evening out with Deena, he lay in bed reading over her Facebook entries.  He could not get over how manipulative she had been all this time.  Then, as he replayed the time they had spent together in his mind, he got an idea.

Deena had another birthday coming up in a little over a month.  During this time, he would give her every opportunity to tell him about her boyfriend, and if she didn’t, their friendship would be over,  but not before he gave her the birthday spanking of her life!

In the weeks leading up to her birthday, Deena never mentioned a boyfriend, but, as the special day drew closer, she did drop several hints about where she wanted Kenneth to take her to celebrate her  birthday.  She also asked that, since her birthday fell on a week day, would it be possible for Kenneth take her out on the weekend following her birthday, because she would be too tired, after a stressful day at work, to go out.

Any other time, Kenneth would have not given her request a second thought, but, knowing what he knew now, he figured that she wanted to spend her birthday with her boyfriend.

It did not make him mad, though. Learning about her secret boyfriend had a somewhat liberating effect on him.   He no longer really cared what she thought or did, so he simply said “that will be fine” and told her that he would tell her where he planned to take her soon.

A week before her birthday, Kenneth called Deena and told her that he planned to take her to the revolving restaurant at the top of the Hyatt. It was one of her favorite restaurants, and one that she had been dropping hints about for weeks.    Since this would be the last time that they would see each other, he had considered taking her to a movie, but, after thinking about how manipulative she had been, decided to drop the movie.   He just told her that he had a special surprise for her when they got back her to her place.

Deena looked extra sexy on the day of her birthday celebration, when she greeted Kenneth at the door.  She had on a form fitting sheer black dress that emphasized off all her curves, a pearl necklace, and a pair of 3in heels that made her stand about an inch taller than him.  He noticed her extra height, but by this time, knew that she did it on purpose, so that she would be even more the center of attention, when they went out.

As they left, Kenneth purposely walked slowly to the car, so he could admire the way Deena’s dress hugged her 34-26-40 figure from behind, as she walked in front of him.  She knew he was watching, so she switched her hips even more, to give him a good show. This made her behind bounce even more when she walked, which, unbeknownst to her, make Kenneth relish the thought even more of getting  her behind over his knee later that night.

Deena was being extra flirty all evening.  She pressed up close next to him while they waited to be seated at the restaurant, like she used to when they were a couple.  While they were eating, she playfully batted her eyes at him, and tried to get him to tell her what her surprise was.   All her show did  was  remind him that it was not real, but rather another attempt by her to  to manipulate him into giving her what she wanted. She thought her efforts had paid off when he reluctantly gave in and said “Ok. I will tell you this.  It is something that I’ve been looking forward to giving you for few weeks now, and, after being with you this evening, I am that much more anxious to give it to you. At hearing this, Deena beamed, and said, “Ohhh, that’s so sweet. I can hardly wait!”

This was one of the things Deena really liked about Kenneth. He always found ways to surprise her, and she smiled, knowing that her whole birthday celebration was coming off just as she had planned; first, earlier in the week with her boyfriend, and now with Kenneth.

After arriving at her home after dinner, Deena didn’t waste any time pressing Kenneth for her surprise.  And much to her delight, Kenneth acquiesced and said “Ok, Ok. I guess you’ve waited long enough”.  At that, he took her by the hand and led her to the couch and, as they both were about to sit down, gave her a quick tug and pulled her across his lap.   This caught Deena by surprise, and she now knew what was coming.

She protested, whining “no, wait, wait!!  What about my surprise?? What about my surprise…you promised!!”  And, at that, Kenneth just replied “first things first” and give her two hard SMACKS on her behind.  “OWW. OWW” she yelped, and tried to put her hand back to cover her ample behind.

When Deena put her hand back, rather than immediately moving it, Kenneth reached into his pocket and pulled out the folded Facebook printouts, and placed them in her hand.  “Now, read that ” he said.  Deena pulled her hand back, drew the papers close to her face on the couch,  and, with both hands, unfolded the papers.

That was the moment Kenneth was waiting for. He then promptly positioned her squarely over his knee, and propped her bottom up high.  When Deena first peered at the photo of her and her boyfriend, her eyes grew wide and she said “No, No….wait. I can explain!!!“  “It’s too late” was Kenneth’s curt reply.  He raised his hand and brought his palm down hard on Deena’s upturned behind, which was outlined beautifully by her tight dress.

OWW……Deena yelped, as she twisted her behind, trying to escape the stinging slap, which  just prominently exposed her other vulnerable cheek, which Kenneth  gave another hard  SMACK SMACK!!

YEOWWWW…she screeched, while she frantically wiggled her behind from side to side in distress. Kenneth continued to spank her …SMACK..SMACK..SMACK!!!  Deena now danced her bottom this way and that, trying to avoid the spanks.  OOOh, OWW, OWW, OWW, she cried!!

As the burning sensation grew in her behind, so did her cries…. OWW…Yeeeoow ….Ohh….Please….it hurts…it hurts….I’m ssoorrriiieeee…..I’m ssoorrriiieeee!!  After a particularly hard SMACK on her lower behind, Deena cried “I’m ssoorrriiieeee Daddy!!!!”

At that, Kenneth stopped counting her spanks, recognizing that she had not realized what she said, and decided to make this spanking the culmination of all the behavior she thought she had gotten away with recently.  He admonished her  for her lying and  manipulative ways and increased the intensity of her spanking….

SMACK…SMACK….SMACK…SMACK….. while Deena  scissored and kicked her legs as her fiery behind bounced over his knee to a chorus of  OWWW….. I’ll behave….I wont’ do it again…I’ll be good….!!!!  I’ll be good!!!  She was saying anything now to try to stop the fire building in her  behind.

Kenneth then gave her upturned posterior a hard SMACK SMACK and let her up.  Her hands flew back to her sore behind, rubbing profusely, while dancing around, barely able to keep her balance  in her heels.

Kenneth let her dance and rub a little, then again took her by the hand and pulled her back down on the couch, so she would have so sit on her sore behind.  “Now, tell me about your boyfriend   ”he commanded.

It was all Kenneth could do to keep from letting out a slight smile, as Deena,  sore from her spanking, sat  shifting her behind as she sat, while spurting out about her boyfriend.   As he listened, he had already begun to tune her out, since she was not telling him anything he didn’t already know from reading her Facebook entries.  Now,  he was determined now to get to the bottom of another matter. At the rate she spent, he knew she had to have more than one credit card.  He cut her off abruptly. “Now go get me your credit statements”.

She looked pitifully at him, and hesitantly started to stand.  As she stood, he stood up behind her, gave her a firm SMACK on her behind, and said “Now,  hurry up!” OWW, she cried, and scampered across the room as fast as she could, rubbing her behind, with her  tight dress and heels  hindering her progress.

Kenneth could hear papers being shuffled about upstairs, and, after a short time, she returned with the required documents and handed them to him.  He motioned for her to sit down.  She sat down gingerly, feeling more like a chastised school girl than a grown woman, who had just celebrated her 35th birthday.

Kenneth looked over her statements and shook his head after he saw one maxed out credit card after another.  He knew that, in spite of  her recent efforts to cut back on spending, there was no way she could dig herself out of the hole she had gotten herself into, without displaying a lot more self-discipline than she had shown since he had known her.

He glanced over at her sitting so contritely next to him, and felt that, despite her manipulating and lying to him before, she was still a good person.  So, rather than just up and leaving after spanking her, he decided to do something else.

He said “you know, I should turn you over my knee again, just for being so irresponsible.”  Now, you have a choice.  I can help you try to overcome the bad habits that got you into the situation you are in now, and, when I see you sliding back into your old ways, you will end up just like you are now; with a sore behind, or I can leave right now, for good, and you can continue the way you have been.  The choice is yours.

Deena didn’t say a word; she just sat there with tears starting to well up in her eyes.  He then moved to get up to leave, and she placed her hand on top of his, and he settled back on the couch.  Deena slid closer to him and laid her head on his shoulder.

Kenneth put his arm around her, and, as they sat there together with Deena still shifting her behind slightly as she sat,  he thought to himself there may still be a future for them yet…


Never Too Old for a Spanking…

I have always agreed with the sentiment that a lady is never too old for a spanking, but now I am starting take that  more literally.

I’m 48, and, as I get older, I am finding myself in the company of older women more frequently, and  I am finding  that more women than I expected exhibit the same lack of discipline at 55, 60 and older, that I find in younger women.

Part of the reason may be due to the influence of today’s youth oriented culture.  As I have said in other posts, it seems that some of the chronologically older women today are taking their cues from the younger women, rather than the other way around.  Also, some may not have had anyone to correct their behavior over years, as well as any number of other personal influences.

I know some women who are 10+ years older than I am grew up at a time when more fathers were in the home, and I have listened to some tell stories of how they were disciplined by their fathers when they were little girls, or teens.

A few years ago, one of my former co-workers, who I kept in touch with and became friends with over the years, recounted a time when her father spanked her for something she did as a teen-ager, and mentioned that it was the last time she was spanked. I never forgot her telling that story. Aside from mentioning spanking, it stood out to me because she was a nice person, once you got to know her, but she generally always had a rather snippy attitude.  She is an attractive lady, 59 years old, about 5′ 5 and  kind of heavy-set.

One day when I was visiting her last year, as she was leaving the room to go to the kitchen, I asked her if she had taken her blood pressure medicine, because I knew she had a tendency not to take it like she should.  She shot back “what’s it to you?”, or something like that, and kept walking.  Ok, I was used to that kind of response from her, but this time I decided to take some action.

I got up pretty quickly and came up behind her while she was walking down the hall, put my left arm around her waist, and gave her behind a pretty hard smack, with my right hand.  She said “OWW” and drew her behind in, and tried to turn around.  Then, I told her “you can answer a simple question”, and said “do you remember that story you told us about your father spanking you?  Well, that’s what you’re going to get now, if I don’t get an answer.”

Upon hearing that, she tried to turn her behind to press it up against the wall, but she didn’t move fast enough, and I SMACKED it again. Then, she practically did a dance to try to keep moving her behind to an angle where I couldn’t spank it. Then, I said “Now, what’s it going to be”?  And she said “Ok, Ok, I haven’t taken them yet.

Then I told her to turn back around and keep walking to the kitchen.  She complied, but put her hand back to cover her behind while she walked.  I didn’t spank her behind again, but I smiled because I had never seen her so compliant before.

When we got in the kitchen, I asked her to show me her pills.  When she got them down from the cabinet, I asked her why she hadn’t taken them, and she said that she didn’t really think it mattered to anyone whether she took them when she was supposed to or not.

I didn’t expect that answer, so after she took her pills, we went back to living room and had a nice talk.  She explained to me that, if she had known that someone outside her family cared about what she did, she might not have suggested to her daughter that they share a residence together.  She and her daughter live together now, and I know she’s doing much better with her medication.

That really got me to thinking about discipline, and, for lack of better description, the older woman.  I was born at the end of the baby boom generation, and have always felt a closer connection to women of that generation than the younger ones.

And now, because of the internet, I know there are women out there, who, despite their age, know they need discipline to behave their best, and I am finding more creative ways to lend a firm helping hand in that area.

A Spanking for Procrastination

It has been awhile  since I have entered a blog post, but this post describes a spanking I administered to a female friend recently.  She is African-American, 46, and has many bad habits that she has been getting away with for quite some time, although this particular incident started out innocently enough.

She has never been much of a housekeeper, and, after turning 46 this year, she decided she wanted to break out of the same old routine, and start getting better organized.

She likes to shop, so she decided to purchase a couple of shelving units for her bedroom,  and start off by organizing the things she had scattered around her room.

She was really excited about the shelves being delivered so quickly on a Friday, and she asked me if I could come over the next day, Saturday, and assemble them for her.  I actually had other plans for Saturday that I was looking forward to,  but she kept saying how excited she was to get the shelves, and how they would help her to turn over a new leaf, so I told her I would come over and put them together for her.

Putting the shelves together and then positioning them turned out to be an all day event, because I had to move some of her other bedroom furniture around to position the shelves where she wanted them.

After everything was done, she thanked me again for coming over and assembling the shelves, and added that she was glad that I got finished when I did, because she wanted to go out with the girls that night, and she would still have time to do that.

Now, hearing that surprised me.  After making such a big deal about wanting the shelves put together right away, I thought that she would want to start getting her room organized as soon as the shelves were together.

At that point, though, I was just happy to be finished, and I was looking forward to going home and relaxing, so I told her to be safe and have fun while she was out, and then I left.

Normally, I would not have gone over to her place again so soon during the week, but early Wednesday evening, I got a frantic call from her saying that she had done something on her laptop to mess up her home network, and she could not transfer some important files from her laptop to her desktop.

Computers are more my thing than furniture assembly, so I didn’t mind going over to see what I could do.  Besides, I was curious to see what she could have done to mess things up so badly.

When I got over there, we talked awhile before I started on her laptop, and I noticed that she never mentioned her new shelves. I asked her about them, and she said that they were working out fine, and things were really coming along.

While we were sitting there talking, she said that she wanted to get my opinion on a new outfit she had just bought, and, while she went in her room to change, I started on her laptop.

I didn’t think it sounded like a serious problem, and, as it turns out, it was a pretty easy fix.  She had somehow changed the permissions on her shared folder. That wasn’t a big surprise.  She is a manager at her job, and, though she is not very computer literate, she is  quick to click the mouse, even when she doesn’t know what she’s doing. She knows tech support has to jump for her, so she doesn’t usually think about possibly making a problem worse by just randomly clicking things.  After I had changed the permissions, I still couldn’t connect to her desktop, so I figured that she probably made some random changes on it too.

When she came out of her room, I have to say she does know how to show off her assests. And she knows it.  She had on a nice patterned blouse, with a thin belt that emphasized her small waist, and solid tan leggings that emphasized her hips and behind, and high heels.  She turned around 360, posed, and asked me what I thought, and I clapped, and said that I thought she really good!

It was while she was still posing that I told her that, by the way, I had most likely fixed the problem on her laptop, but I would needed to look at the desktop in her bedroom too.  I noticed that her expression changed a little, from a big satisfied smile to more of a nervous smile.  Then, she tried to persuade me not to go to her room right at that moment, because she had been really busy and stressed at work, and did not have time to do much with her shelves, or her room. This was the first time that I heard anything like this. We had talked earlier during the week, and she never mentioned being stressed, or particularly busy. After hearing that, I got curious, and got up and started heading towards her room.

She tried to hurry past me to beat me there, but it is only a short distance, so we got there at the same time..  After entering her room, I was surprised to see that she had not done one single thing, as far as cleaning or organizing her room. In fact, it looked worse than it had before.  There were clothes thrown all over her bed, and, on her new shelves, there were a few wigs and hair pieces that looked like they were tossed on top of some purses. This is after I had cleared a perfect weather spring Saturday to put together shelves that she had done absolutely nothing with.

Now, I had spanked her before on occasion for various reasons, but not this year. When I looked around the room at the mess, I didn’t say anything.  I just quickly took her by the hand, and led her over to the bed.  Then she knew what was coming. She immediately started proclaiming that I wasn’t being fair, and that I wasn’t taking into account how stressed and busy she had been lately.

I pointed out to her that she had plenty of time for going out with the girls, and going shopping, and that she always tries to justify her procrastination with one excuse or another. And on top of everything, she had not been honest with me about the progress, or lack there of, that she had been making on her room.

After I  propped her behind up over my knee, I raised her blouse from over her leggings, all while she was saying “wait” “wait”! She then asked me to please let her change out of her leggings, because they were too thin, and I had only spanked her in jeans before.  I noted that her manners were already improving, now that she was about to get spanked.

I told her no, and maybe  she will  learn her lesson this time. I then started delivering some stinging slaps to her lower rear; not that hard at first, but hard enough to make her wiggle her behind from one side to the other, with each spank.

Then, I started to spank her harder, and she really started to wiggle and put her hand back to try to cover her behind, which didn’t do any good, because she had plenty of behind to spank. I varied the spanks all over her behind, as she wiggled and promised to clean her room, stop procrastinating, and do whatever else I wanted. After she convinced me that she really meant it, I stopped the spanking, and let her up.

After she stood up, she kicked off her heels and stood there  rubbing her behind, while shifting her weight from one foot to the other. I told her that now she was going to start cleaning her room, starting with the clothes on the bed, while I check her desktop computer.  I slapped her behind again, and told her to put her heels back on and get started.

It only took me a few minutes to undo the changes she had made on her desktop, and I told her that now I was going to watch her clean for awhile.  She asked me not to, because it would be too embarrassing for her, knowing that I would be watching her, right after her spanking.  I reminded her that she put herself in the position she was in now, and told her to keep cleaning, or get another trip over my knee. After about 15 minutes, I told her she could stop, and we went back into her living room.

When we got back into the living room, I explained to her what had happened with her laptop, and showed her the permission options, while she took notes.  She thanked me for taking the time to come over, and asked me if I wanted something to eat.  (She always behaved better after a spanking.)

She fixed us dinner, and we ate and watched tv for awhile.  It was a work night, so we didn’t want to stay up too late, so I didn’t stay too long after that.  When I got to the door to leave, we hugged, and I patted her on the behind, and told her that she had  started to make good progress on her room after her spanking, and that I wanted her to keep it up, and she promised me that she would. I wished her a good night, and then left.

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