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Never Too Old for a Spanking…

I have always agreed with the sentiment that a lady is never too old for a spanking, but now I am starting take that  more literally.

I’m 48, and, as I get older, I am finding myself in the company of older women more frequently, and  I am finding  that more women than I expected exhibit the same lack of discipline at 55, 60 and older, that I find in younger women.

Part of the reason may be due to the influence of today’s youth oriented culture.  As I have said in other posts, it seems that some of the chronologically older women today are taking their cues from the younger women, rather than the other way around.  Also, some may not have had anyone to correct their behavior over years, as well as any number of other personal influences.

I know some women who are 10+ years older than I am grew up at a time when more fathers were in the home, and I have listened to some tell stories of how they were disciplined by their fathers when they were little girls, or teens.

A few years ago, one of my former co-workers, who I kept in touch with and became friends with over the years, recounted a time when her father spanked her for something she did as a teen-ager, and mentioned that it was the last time she was spanked. I never forgot her telling that story. Aside from mentioning spanking, it stood out to me because she was a nice person, once you got to know her, but she generally always had a rather snippy attitude.  She is an attractive lady, 59 years old, about 5′ 5 and  kind of heavy-set.

One day when I was visiting her last year, as she was leaving the room to go to the kitchen, I asked her if she had taken her blood pressure medicine, because I knew she had a tendency not to take it like she should.  She shot back “what’s it to you?”, or something like that, and kept walking.  Ok, I was used to that kind of response from her, but this time I decided to take some action.

I got up pretty quickly and came up behind her while she was walking down the hall, put my left arm around her waist, and gave her behind a pretty hard smack, with my right hand.  She said “OWW” and drew her behind in, and tried to turn around.  Then, I told her “you can answer a simple question”, and said “do you remember that story you told us about your father spanking you?  Well, that’s what you’re going to get now, if I don’t get an answer.”

Upon hearing that, she tried to turn her behind to press it up against the wall, but she didn’t move fast enough, and I SMACKED it again. Then, she practically did a dance to try to keep moving her behind to an angle where I couldn’t spank it. Then, I said “Now, what’s it going to be”?  And she said “Ok, Ok, I haven’t taken them yet.

Then I told her to turn back around and keep walking to the kitchen.  She complied, but put her hand back to cover her behind while she walked.  I didn’t spank her behind again, but I smiled because I had never seen her so compliant before.

When we got in the kitchen, I asked her to show me her pills.  When she got them down from the cabinet, I asked her why she hadn’t taken them, and she said that she didn’t really think it mattered to anyone whether she took them when she was supposed to or not.

I didn’t expect that answer, so after she took her pills, we went back to living room and had a nice talk.  She explained to me that, if she had known that someone outside her family cared about what she did, she might not have suggested to her daughter that they share a residence together.  She and her daughter live together now, and I know she’s doing much better with her medication.

That really got me to thinking about discipline, and, for lack of better description, the older woman.  I was born at the end of the baby boom generation, and have always felt a closer connection to women of that generation than the younger ones.

And now, because of the internet, I know there are women out there, who, despite their age, know they need discipline to behave their best, and I am finding more creative ways to lend a firm helping hand in that area.